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Engaged & Appreciated Employees

(image source) A third of employees plan to leave their job in 2016 – with the main reason bei

(image source)

A third of employees plan to leave their job in 2016 – with the main reason being a lack of appreciation.


It is a hard task to attract and retain talent, in such a way a large number of employees will all feel appreciated and know their work counts towards the company’s success. However in most cases, employees will feel like just a number.


Feeling underappreciated in a company is more complex between different employees. Mindmill can offer a deeper understanding of employee’s engagement with their company. As Mindmill can gain insight from employees, using psychometrics to produce more personal analytical reports based on each employees experience at the company. As keeping track of employee’s satisfaction in a job role is vital as these could shift the success of the company with a new hire taking an average of 27 working days, not taking into account the time for implementation and training. Also the best candidates are off the market within 10 days so retaining the existing talent within the company is key.


The value of good communication between employees and employers is key to maintain a positive working relationship. This also encourages them to feel more appreciated in the workplace as 66% of candidates believe that interactions with the employer is the best way to get insight into a company. Adding employee achievements can benefit and allow the company to celebrate an employee’s success within the company. It is also a great opportunity to keep all employees engaged in a working environment where they can all feel appreciated.


It’s important that the impression of the company from the start of the application process should be positive for the candidate as 15% of candidates who have a positive hiring experience put more effort into the job.


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