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What is more important? Earning the greatest salary possible or doing what you really enjoy? Doing w

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What is more important? Earning the greatest salary possible or doing what you really enjoy? Doing work that satisfies your ambitions or just completing tasks that you are being asked to do? The main question here is: What drives an employee the most?

A hot topic going on in the HR sector is Emotional Intelligence. Basically, this is where a person has the capacity to be aware of and to be able to identify their own and other’s emotions.  People in business believe in keeping emotions and feelings private and objective would probably not agree with the importance of Emotional Intelligence. But why could this factor be useful? 

Studies showed that more than two thirds of all competencies relate to Emotional Intelligence, these competencies being essential for high performances. Daniel Goleman, the writer of the book “Emotional Intelligence: Why it can Matter More than IQ” provides two statements regarding Emotional Intelligence. Firstly, he writes that Emotional Intelligence may be more important for personal success than IQ. Secondly, Emotional Intelligence, unlike IQ, can be accurately measured and improved on. Knowing this, employers and employees could improve their Emotional Intelligence by training and information sessions. A higher Emotional Intelligence could lead to more success and understanding between employees. Employees that are comfortable with each other and are able to communicate well are likely to inspire each other in other to make successful working progresses.

Furthermore it is interesting to focus on the motivations of employees.  From experience I can say that doing something that motivates you keeps you more focussed, interested, productive and happy. Simply the feeling of working on a project you like will give you a great motivation to wake up in the morning and start on a new working day. As a company it is useful to find out your employees’ motivations. It will save you costs: Employees that are motivated not only work faster, but will also use their creativity to recommend process improvements that can lead to large amounts of saving for your organisation.

We at Mindmill always try to keep ourselves challenged. Finding new areas of interests, motivations and ideas helps us to keep enjoying the work we do!


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