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Employee Implementation

-Guy Kawasaki   (image source) It’s believed that most venture capital companies fire th

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It’s believed that most venture capital companies fire the CEO within a year. Everyone wants to be the exception, however that is the minority, but believe that the idea is more important than the people. If you see your employees as talent and an asset to the company they will produce that of ideas, the ideas will be great and so should the implementation.

During the implementation stage, think of the cycle when it comes to testing the success of the idea before over estimating. There are many reasons why creative ideas fail, this is mostly down to risk as implementing new ideas is perceived as risky and people within the company do not wish to undertake the risk involved. This is why some companies benefit from an outside perspective, they detach and with the right tools take that risk on behalf of the company. There is security within that for success.

The implementation of employees into your organisation should be a very well-considered factor as this is your driving force for success. First we need to find out their talents and if the person suits the organisation.

  • The person should be motivated for the role within the company
  • A skillset of a certain standard may be required for the role
  • Their biorhythms / energy levels should be in correlation with that of the companies working hours

Once the results are compared and contrasted between candidates, this allows for a more affective recruitment and selection process. Applying the right mindset, structures and principles can go a long way toward ensuring the success of any endeavour.

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