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Keeping it Simple with Social Media

With the constant growth of new technologies and new ways to communicate ideas, people globally are

With the constant growth of new technologies and new ways to communicate ideas, people globally are becoming more eager for new information. Instant messaging and the use of social media has allowed ideas and information to become viral, so much so it is a necessity.

This is why it is vital for businesses to converse online, many different platforms can be used to spread the right branding message for your business. Start a conversation now and follow the simple rules below:

The less words you can capture your audience’s attention with, the better. Mindmill follow this format in order to be more reliable and effective. Irvine-Dann-Murphy Law of computer delivered test construction states:

First Law

The greater the area of the screen covered by the test instructions, the less effective they would be.

Second Law

The more keys and buttons on the response apparatus, the less the reliability of test items requiring a quick response, as in a timed test.

This means when your content is KISS and straight to the point this is proven to be more effective and reliable when it comes to generating results and engagement.

Use emotive imagery to express the message and test different formats throughout your social media platforms to decide which one works best for you. Once you have this then the structure has been made.

Consistence is key. So stay active online as this will express your own motivation and passion for your business, positive vibes and ideas with a steady stream of engaging content can go a long way for a business. Always choose quality over quantity when creating posts, it’s all about your customers so keep the tone positive and use reliable sources.

The content you create can say a lot about your branding message also, try to change it up as often as possible, adding infographics, videos and images to convey the message. It’s easier to engage people when the message is appealing to interact with. Educational content, top tips and steps for success can also encourage and generate readership.

Take advantage of the advanced technology and use Google or Facebook analytics, this is an easy investment of time to spend that allows you to understand your readers/customers. These analytics will give you an insight to which content your business strives from by sharing.

For a new-to-social media business much like Mindmill, these tips can go a long way but they will take time and effort as this is not for the overnight success. Organic growth is all about engaging the people and creating the conversation.

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