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Misconceptions about HR Technology

Sometimes people can be sceptical of new technologies, especially when moving from manual. These mis

Sometimes people can be sceptical of new technologies, especially when moving from manual. These misconceptions will help you understand how HR technology can improve your recruitment process, not complicate it!

Difficult to use

Remember that this technology has been created to ease the recruitment process. They have user-friendly User Interfaces and reports use plain language that any level of manager can understand. User manuals and training are provided for navigating and interpreting information and although it may take a bit of time to get used to it, in the end it will be worth it, with easier and faster recruitment. Also, there will always be someone you can get in contact with if you aren’t sure of anything!

It makes HR Impersonal

It is understandable to think that using a computerised recruitment process would make the process more impersonal. But, it can actually be used to make it more personal! Using HR technology to sift out unsuitable candidates means more time to talk to candidates that do definitely have the qualities, skills and values you want in your company.

Using HR technology will also give greater satisfaction to jobseekers. They don’t want to wait for weeks or months to get an outcome from a simple application process. Using HR technology allows for faster communication. Waiting too long to communicate could cause you to lose your ideal employee!

Not only can using HR technology allow for faster and more personal recruitment, it also means that there is less human error throughout the process. It also allows for statistics to be pulled straight from data and trends ca be found, optimising your recruitment.

Essentially, HR Tech allows for the monotonous parts of the recruitment process to be shortened and the more important tasks to be given more time.

HR Technology is Inflexible

Although there is a general framework that will be used for your recruitment technology, your software can be bespoke, with tests complied to get exactly what you want out of your recruitment process and your candidates.

As technology moves so fast now, this tech is constantly being improved and updated and you will always be using the best new technology, whereas manual HR tools will stay the same until big updates are created and rolled out.