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Music in the Office

Music is becoming a more prevalent aspect of the work environment with most people working on a comp

Music is becoming a more prevalent aspect of the work environment with most people working on a computer every day and the advancement of technology over the past few years. Streaming and music services make it easier to pick songs that will fit the mood of the office, with playlists for absolutely anything from ‘Monday Motivation’ to ‘Easy listening office music’. But what affect does music really have?

A study in the Journal of Organizational Behaviour concluded that music can significantly affect cooperation in decision-making groups. Happy music made people more cooperative and willing to share within a group. Participants in the study were found to be more likely to contribute and be more efficient when songs like “Walking on Sunshine” were played.

However, some people can become more distracted when listening to music, often music with words, whether it’s the singing along or trying to understand the lyrics. I used to agree with this, but I have found that listening to music with people singing has helped me to multitask, like writing an email and having a conversation about a different topic.

It is important to remember that every workplace is different, some may have the radio playing, some may use earphones, and some may be in complete silence. People also have different preferences and music tastes, it is unlikely the entire office will be happy to listen to death metal all day. You must also consider everyone who can hear the music – are they all happy to listen? Some colleagues may need more concentration than others at times.

Overall, music on in the workplace is personal preference, but give it a go if you are unsure, it could change your mood and make your day that bit more productive and cheerful!