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The Do's and Don'ts of Promotional Videos

In today’s digital era, promotional videos and presentations can be a really positive addition

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In today’s digital era, promotional videos and presentations can be a really positive addition to your marketing campaign. They are easy to watch and you can choose the key information you want to put across, target the right audience and promote your product. A high quality video will show that your company is professional and good and at communicating. They can be used across a range of platforms, such as social media and video sharing websites, making it easier to advertise, as many are free!


A promotional video is something every company should try, so, to help you get the most out of your promotional video presentation, I have created a few do’s and don’ts to help along the way:


  • Make sure your video is to the point. You want to connect with your target audience from the very beginning to make sure you get your point across. You also need to be realistic about your concept – will you be able to communicate your message effectively in the amount of time the video will be?
  • Use your logo and associated colours and fonts throughout, it will embed the company in the audiences’ minds and also makes the video look more professional.
  • Remember to add links to your social media accounts and a link to sign up to your newsletter – it’s a lot easier to click a link than go searching!
  • Make sure not to add too much text to your presentation, people will get bored of reading it. You also need to leave the text there long enough for people to actually read it, it is unlikely they will replay it if they miss it.
  • Use facts, figures and stats. These will stick in people’s minds and make them remember key information from your video.


  • The most important thing about a promotional video is don’t make it too long. People usually start to lose interest within the first few seconds if they don’t understand the message - you need to grab their attention straight away. A promotional videos optimal time is about one minute and should be no longer than one and a half minutes.
  • When making your video take time to get everything right – don’t cut corners and make it as quickly as possible. It can be so obvious and make your company seem really unprofessional. It can give the impression that you don’t really care about your audience or know what you’re doing. Also, don’t try to take on too much, if you don’t have much experience it is better to make something clear and simple.
  • If you are trying to sell something, don’t make is blatantly obvious. Of course you want to show how amazing your product is and everything it can do, but a hard sell is not going to work in a promotional video.
  • Don’t use too much text and try to overload information into the presentation as most people won’t bother to read it. Use infographics and images instead, people will actually remember them and be able to take something away from the presentation.
  • Finally, if you are using sounds and background music, don’t let it take over. Make sure it isn’t too loud and that there aren’t words as this can be very distracting.