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Why now is the best time for HR to start caring about the planet

Call me crazy but I want the planet to be kept healthy, for possibly the selfish reason of it’

Call me crazy but I want the planet to be kept healthy, for possibly the selfish reason of it’s the one I live on. Of course the planet doesn’t mind, if humans decide to make it uninhabitable to the human race the world will keep spinning without a care. Often people that insist how Earth is doomed go on and on and can get lost in the noise because they’re not relatable to day to day life. Why should a 14 year old that deliverer newspapers care whether their paper gets recycled at the end of use?

This is where I think the issue is, the best agreement is when it’s win-win for everyone so why not try and make the case for this issue? Some people like to drag their feet on this or even feel that the investment isn’t worth it. To terminate that argument take Former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who makes the case that by having green policies it has actually improved the economy of the state dramatically. When you consider that in 2013 California alone was considered to have the 8th largest economy when compared to countries of the world it’s hard to argue that green policies aren’t worth investing in. This is something that is starting to go hand in hand as the UK Government has disbanded the Department of Energy and Climate Change, giving its responsibilities to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The world is starting to see the significant relationship shared by business and the planet.

So the question is how we get the interest of the HR world, and I think the answer is with technology and the innovations that come from it. The key to this is becoming Paperless. Administration of any kind will always have difficulty in getting people to cooperate, by becoming as paperless as possible the list of difficulties start reducing and people start engaging with the process. In the past there has been great steps with this with e-mail and conference calls and now comes the Cloud technologies.

Not only is Cloud technology digital based to save on resources but it is also mobile. An online assessment could be sent from here to Australia within a minute and if I were waiting at an airport I can check up by just logging in through my tablet. This adds to the idea of being economical with resources, an alternative to driving to a meeting now with reports is to simply share it in a Dropbox. By investing in policies that use minimal resources means that the organisation is saving time and money while also helping to save the planet.

Every investment into greener policies will benefit an organisation because what it translates to is becoming more economic with the resources used. Having reports being displayed on a tablet is saving the paper and the printing costs involved as just a minimalist example. Particularly in HR is can take a step away from the “paper-pushing” stereotype that administrators receive. Making an engaging process that is quick and convenient to the employee’s life means they’re more likely to get involved. Once everyone is seeing the benefit then progress can be made for everyone and the planet. Win-Win.